06 February 2007

Predictions I Need to Make for HP7

So I'm thinking it would be sweet to do some sort of coordinated weekly Harry Potter blog challenge to count down to HP7 being released, the idea being to force us all to put our predictions down in print so that we can laugh at ourselves later when JKR totally fools us all. And to participate in the greatest event in English literature in several decades. :D

Of course, there are more than 20 weeks until it comes out, so we'll need to find a lot of topics, or start it considerably later. Anyway, so here's my brainstorm. Please comment with anything else you'd like to see me ramble on/want to ramble on yourself. I'm trying to place them in order of increasing importance, so that the most hotly contested issues are near the release date.

  • Teachers - new DADA teacher? is Sluggy staying?
  • Percy - will he ever stop being a prat?
  • The Dursleys - what's their fitting end? does Dudley get a Wii or not?
  • Sirius - do we see him again? ever?
  • Weasleys - does one of them die? what about F&G's shop?
  • Minor Character Bonanza - Luna? Neville? Lav-Lav?
  • The 'Ships (general) - who gets together with whom in The Final Chapter (TFC)?
  • Ron/Hermione - what happens to/between them?
  • Harry/Ginny - is it Spiderman all over again? will they both be alive for TFC?
  • Horcruxes - what are the rest of them? how the heck will Harry find them?
  • Dumbledore - will/how will he make an appearance?
  • Snape - good/evil? live/die?
  • Harry - live/die? horcrux/not?
  • JKR - most brilliant woman ever. (not a question.)
Who wants to play with me?


alishka babushka said...

ooo...me me me!! but i'm definitely not as good as you, and i would HAVE to reread the last couple of books, and this countdown should start closer me thinks. :D

The Girl in the Other Room said...

I will play with you. I want to know everything on the list and I will comment on each one that you do. BTW, what is up with the little Sustain'd thingy??