19 February 2006


Yup. Yesterday I discovered the fun you can have reading random articles on Wikipedia. I spent about three hours reading instead of working on my sacrament meeting talk. Just some of the fun facts I found out:

-IB actually runs global high schools? And Ken Jennings graduated from IB? What's up with that?
-The game of Life, not just a board game with strange tiles anymore. Actually it's a really simple mathematical game That yields very surprising results. The object is to keep the pattern going as long as possible. If you're hungering for a logical challenge, check of this derivative clickmazes game. Much better than those simple Sodoku.
-The hyphen in the church's name is British? Interesting.
-Since when is NYU a private university?? I could have sworn it was public . . . .
-And the CEO of Dell is Mormon? Hmm.