23 February 2007

A Poem about Happiness

My mouth waters at
the trail of moist fudge brownies
already eaten


Portia said...

This isn't on the right entry, but I think your library-perusal challenge sounds awesome.

Btw, guess what I applied for?

Paradox said...

Yay for chocolate related haikus!

And I promise I'll send some of my poetry along soon. I just recieved information about a scholarship that requires a poetry entry, so I HAVE to sit down and take care of that.

The Girl in the Other Room said...

Life is indeed a trail of moist fudge brownies already eaten. Can I use this poem in a book I am writing? I will totally give you credit. BTW, can you come up this weekend for a date with me and Barbara?? She wants to meet George REALLY bad.