05 February 2007


I hate being sick. It makes my brain all fuzzy. Maybe I've got a wrackspurt. I also hate the missing-of-class aspect, especially today, since we're discussing Nibley's "Zeal without Knowledge," which I really liked. I can't really think to write anything coherent, so here I am rambling along.

I bought a dress for the Bishop's Ball (our ward's formal dance) from my aunt's store. It's pale pink, and a lot more feminine than I usually would go for. I blame it on the sickness and the sinister influence of my aunt (who got all the family girliness instead of my mom). I'd put a picture up, but I can't find one online, and I'm too lazy to put it on again. They'll be some come Friday (when the Bishop's Ball is). But it looks pretty nice.

Checks are starting to come in the mail. No, not for writing, or covert sting operations. They're just rebates from my after-Thanksgiving spending spree. Still, it's like finding money you didn't know you had. :D

George introduced me to the visual thesaurus. Addictive, and free on campus. Useful for poetry.

Why doesn't Google Reader have a search feature like Gmail? How am I supposed to find things? What? Browse manually? Where the heck is that post on managing long sentences that I wanted to read? This is a paragraph of questions?

I'm growing to dislike my creative writing class. I mean, I like the force motivating me to write (good writing needs good deadlines), but they don't really say anything helpful. I brought in three poems the other day and all I got was, "Those are really good." Hello, I know that. But I want them to be better! I guess it's my fault for waiting until junior year to take a creative writing class and getting stuck with a bunch of clueless freshmen and non-English-majors. At least the teacher is one of the editors of Irreantum, which is cool.

(Speaking of said poems, anyone want to look over them? My brain is starving for feedback!)

I have no good tags to file this post under.

Maybe I'll call in sick to work and just sit here watching Breakfast at Tiffany's and knit. Or read My Name is Asher Lev, which I'm supposed to finish by Wednesday for creative writing. Unlikely, I think.


Paradox said...

Oh my. Sounds like the poetry classes at my high school. It's my hope that ALL the creative writing classes aren't like that... Is it like a 101, prequisite type class? That's what it sounds like... and they ALWAYS stink. But yeah. please be sure to let me know if things don't look up from there. And I'll trade my poems for yours if you want, and we can exchange feedback. Let me know if you're interested.

Love from the east coast,

editorgirl said...

Bring them to 333. Or email them to me. But warning: you're going to get more than a few sentences.