21 January 2007

Some Completely Unrelated Thoughts

Okay, so the coolest thing ever. My roommate's writing to this missionary, right? She hasn't gotten a letter from him in a few weeks, so she's been a little . . . anxious. Anyway, the other day her mother called. Apparently, he had sent a letter to her at home over Christmas break. However, it just got there last week.

With a letter from homeland security, saying they searched her letter.

As I said, "That's so awesome! They think your missionary's a terrorist!" I want a letter from homeland security. *pout*

So, I always listen to audio books to go to sleep. It helps me turn my brain off. I can't be thinking and worrying about tomorrow if I just concentrate on the story. But there's always the problem of what to listen to. If I listen to something new, the plot can become too compelling and keep me awake for hours. If I listen to something old, it doesn't distract me enough.

I have finally solved the problem: for Christmas, I got the Book of Mormon on CD. There's always something new there. And if I end up staying awake, no problem, right?

Plus the narrator's voice is delightfully monotone.

We had a "kegger" for my 21st birthday. (Strictly non-alcoholic, of course.) Totally hilarious. It was awesome.

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The Girl in the Other Room said...

Congratulations on the kegger. 21 is ooooooold. Tee hee. But I can only say that as I am still a teenager. So I may come stay with you down in the Bubble onf the night of Feb 7th ... just to warn you. There is a housing fair and such. Thanks for accepting. See you there or be square.