19 September 2006

Mixed Feelings

I'm glad I actually went to the devotional today instead of being a slacker. I have never been so simultaneously inspired, insulted, and infuriated--apparently those emotions are not mutually exclusive. A full blog review of the subject will have to wait until it's rebroadcast on Sunday, possibly sooner if it goes up on BYU Broadcasting before then. Suffice to say that his remarks reminded me of concepts from Abolition of Man by CS Lewis, "The Literate Family"--an old forum talk by Douglas H. Thayer--and, horrifyingly enough, Fascinating Womanhood. And yes, I am aware that the speaker was a seventy.

What else, what else . . . . Oh, interesting podcast brought to my attention by the Pre-Law office: Spirit in the Law is about being LDS and a lawyer. Interesting stuff. One more reason for me to get around to buying a memory card for my phone so I can start listening to podcasts on the go again.

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Katherine said...

I'm so with you on this one. I didn't go, but listened while I was at work--and I'm glad I did. I'll admit I've been rather disillusioned with devotionals, but I was pleasantly surprised by his opening comments about literature, etc. Then the Fascinating Womanhood bits crept in and I couldn't decide whether to be amused or offended. Oh well. Let's talk about this more later.