25 September 2006

Honestly, Don't You Two Read?

I've decided to post something Harry Potter themed, in honor of the release of the first pictures from the fifth movie! Hurrah!

On Saturday before the General Relief Society meeting, I went shopping with my mom. I had my first experience with Taipan Trading. Holy Cow. I thought allowing my mother to enter Pier One was bad. Imagine a giant warehouse the size of your average Wal-Mart that sells only hud. (Oh, I guess it's Miller family vocab time: hud (n) useless, decorative object frequently the product of enrichment activities which, when strategically placed on a bookshelf, will exactly prevent you from pulling out the book you want.)

It was sort of surreal--I could walk from Christmas to Halloween to a country kitchen and back. So much hud in one place. But, But, BUT, they had fake vegetables there including radishes!! Now my Luna Lovegood costume will be complete just in time for Halloween season! Last summer, I couldn't find fake radishes anywhere; I have resorted to buying fresh radishes and making earrings out of them every time I 'need' to wear the costume. Needless to say, I am really excited about the prospect of not wearing large warm vegetables on my ears this year.

In other Harry Potter related analogies, I picked up Hogwarts, A History from the library. Okay, not really, but I did pick up a book of comprable size and content: Brigham Young University: A School of Destiny. (Woah, I almost typed density. Back to the Future moment.) It's a nice fat history of the first 100 years of BYU. Alright, not as fat as the four volume Brigham Young University: The First 100 Years, but it's no lightweight. Anyway, I've been wanting to buff up on BYU history since I had my testimony of BYU experience this summer. And also I'm thinking about entering the Brimhall Essay contest. But mostly, I just want to be able to pull out random BYU facts and say, "Honestly, hasn't anyone else read BYU: School of Destiny?"

*headdesk* No more geekiness for me. Um, so posts on the devotional last week and on the General RS meeting are forthcoming.

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