21 September 2006

Five Ways I'm Odd

As if you needed more reasons to think I'm strange.

  1. I actually enjoy bureaucracy. Yup, there's something about having established procedures for everything that puts my mind at ease.
  2. I've reached to point where unsolvable math problems are a good thing. It means less work for me.
  3. I actually think about buying shirts like this, this, and this. Perhaps even this. Speaking of which, two times when I've worn my "Save Ginny" t-shirt to campus, people have actually stopped me to say they love Harry and the Potters too!
  4. I am extremely jealous that I didn't get to go and see the water quidditch final in Las Vegas this summer. Reminds me of muddy quidditch on the common in Boston. Go Punctuation Pixies!
  5. Our apartment is stealing couch cushions from our friends, one by one. You could be next.


Anonymous said...

You ARE odd!

Liz Muir said...

Why, thank you!