30 September 2006

Conference Blog-cast: Part 2

By way of introduction, the Saturday afternoon session is pretty much my favorite session. Besides the sustaining of the General Authorities, most of my favorite talks have been given during the Saturday afternoon session.

Elder Robert D. Hales: Hey, how about that invitation to open our scriptures? I wish they would do that more in conference! I like that the preservation of language is up there on the priority list with genealogy and the gospel. ;D He he! Don't nibble on the scriptures. I think that saying deserves to be on a Deseret Book plaque. The scriptures are the most valuable way we have to learn the gospel. Even Christ taught his disciples using the scriptures. Even if we are out of touch with other members and living prophets, we can survive (for a time) on the scriptures. The gospel as an answer to terror.

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin: I like learning about the personal lives of the apostles. If you're a BYU student, take Rel 333, Teachings of the Living Prophets, from Lloyd Newell. It'll change your General Conference experience. Nice English major joke! It's true that English majors sometimes have the worst spoken grammar, myself included. :D Good message in this talk--once we have someone close to us die, the doctrine of resurrection becomes so much more important to us. Our knowledge of it can give us rest.

Elaine S. Dalton (Second Councilor in the Young Women General Presidency): The story of Lamoni's father is one of my favorites. The idea of "I will give away all my sins to know thee" is so beautiful and important! Worthiness is hard, but "I can do hard things." Interesting idea of worthiness--immediate access to the Lord's blessings, rather than relying on mercy. Not sure if I quite agree with that . . . . I like this one better: "If we are worthy, we can not only enter the temple, but the temple can enter us." Worthiness is being in a state where your outlook on life can be guided by the Lord.

"High on a Mountain Top": Hey! The choir director is the second councilor in my Stake presidency! Go President Brenchley! This is why I should stop just listening on the radio. :P

Shane M. Bowen (Quorum of the Seventy): Wha . . . landfills? Are those allowed in General Conference? Oh, I see where he's going. I like the analogy: reclaim the garbage we have put into our lives; with the help of the Lord, we can transform our lives into something better. When someone has repented, don't bring up "old garbage" from the past. And choosing not to accept the atonement is like deciding to keep the landfill instead of the park. Very apt observation. He's probably a writer. :D

Daniel L. Johnson (Quorum of the Seventy): Tithing. You can't afford not to pay it. Shoot, this reminds me that I'm behind on my tithing. I always forget my check book. Snap. I better go do that now.

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf: Power of righteous motives. I think it's very interesting to have an apostle who once lived in East Germany. English is a hard language! I guess I should stop complaining about my lack of ability to learn languages; look at Elder Uchtdorf! We just need the proper motivation. Maybe I have a hard time with Spanish because I don't like it. Perhaps I should sign up for that Japanese class . . . . Testimony is not logical! It is a collection of feelings and promptings that testify of truth. Testimony is something we have to work hard to acquire, cannot be given or bought. We must have our own.

Elder Richard G. Scott: Gospel is our safety net, our backup, that gives us peace and security. Your trials are not your life! Though they teach you important things, they are only stepping stones to further growth and development.


Anonymous said...

Not quite. This is why you should stop just listening to it on the radio. If you have broadband, that is.

Little Sister said...

To Big Sister -

I am leaving for SkagAir in twenty minutes and I was unable to watch conference today. I am so glad I got the mini version here from you! I can't wait to see you in about 15 hours! YEAH! Please come to the airport ... please? I will give you a yarn pattern so you can knit with me during conference!! YEAH! Matching ... ish ... scarves!

Liz Muir said...

BAWB - Yeah, I know about that, but it ends up being the same as radio if I have to switch back to my blog window everytime I want to type something. :D Anyway, I love listening on the radio: what's conference if you don't get the Nauvoo Bell ringing in the middle of someone's talk?