15 September 2006

Fly-By Advertising

So the other week, this helicopter was flying really close over our apartment complex. It didn't look like a scary black government helicopter, so our guess was that it was taking some sort of fly-by footage of the stadium for a football ad. Sure enough, Cosmo Cougar.

BYU's advertising techniques have been getting very interesting lately: all the new ads for stuff on the bookstore TVs (which are hilarious), Volleyopoly, . . . . um, I guess I can't really think of anything else. But I think it's amazing how sophisticated advertising is becoming, even on a college level. I wonder if they'll ever get into viral marketing?

Oh, and Marisa, I'll get to your comment about music soon. But if you do think music means something, you should help us work on finding the answer to this puzzle. Music skills could definitely come in handy.

1 comment:

canasian said...

The ads in the bookstore. Which ones are the funny ones?