09 November 2006


Hey, you! Yes, you. I know you're reading this blog. Or rather, I don't, and that's why I want some information out of you.

Basically, I spent an hour or two converting my blog over to Blogger-Beta. While doing so, I got to reread a lot of my old posts, and now I'm in the mood to move the furniture around in my metaphorical blogging room. I'm doing some brainstorming about the nature of this blog--reconsidering what it's all about--and I'm looking for some feedback from you, my presumably existant readers.

The main idea that I've been toying with is creating some sort of regular schedule of topics. For instance, Tuesdays have already informally become BYU devotional/forum days, when I comment on the BYU speech of the day. Literary essays and science/technology essays could fill another two days. Saturdays might be for serial long essays, including some of my dwindling essay series like "In Defense of the English Major" and "Thoughts on Homosexuality," along with some new topics I've been thinking about like "A Mormon Literature" and "Storyingtelling and Science."

But are you guys at all interested in hearing about more stuff like that? How about my more esoteric posts--the ones focused on my life rather than on idealistic issues? I sometimes wonder if anyone cares to read those or if you simply find them boring. Or maybe it's the other way around, and you'd rather hear more about me and less about my philosophies.

So, fire me off a comment. At the very least, just write a three word comment letting me know you're lurking out there. I recognize that the point of the internet is that I don't know if you read this or not, but the curiosity is overwhelming me. Do it 'cause you love me? Please? If you're feeling up to it, you could also let me know what you think of my blog:

  • What do you like best? What needs to change?
  • What do you think about a regular schedule of topics? Good? Boring?
  • What topics do you enjoy hearing about from me?
By the way, you don't have to be a Blogger user to comment. You can simply select the "other" option on the comment page. :D

Oh dear. Posts like this always seem so awkward. What if no one replies? X-(


bawb said...

I am reading this. I will probably continue reading this regardless of the philosophical/quotidian balance.

Ben Crowder said...

I am here.

1. I think it's fine as is. I find it all interesting -- both personal and philosophical.

2. The schedule's a great idea. Try it so we can see how it goes. :)

3. Personally, I like literature/storytelling, but I also rather like science. And lots more, but I'm going to forcibly limit myself to just those two for now. :)

alishka babushka said...

oh i read. and i enjoy reading...and now worries i will be stopping by this weekend, and you know why. ;)