18 November 2006

Job Satisfaction and Football

Today I went to the game with my dad, my grandma, and my brother, and the coolest thing happened. My brother and I were sitting the student section, and between plays, this guy five people down from us turns to me and says, "You work at the Writing Center, right?"

"Um, yeah. I thought I recognized you from somewhere."

"You helped me write a really awesome paper last semester. I totally got an A on it. You guys rock!"


"I just figured you'd like to know, since you guys probably don't get a lot of feedback on the results."

I love my job.

I've also decided I really enjoy football games. I don't know why, since my knowledge of the sport is limited to what a down is and that it's good to move forward and not back. I just like watching it. Football and basketball are the two sports I can actually stand to watch for their entire duration. If I wasn't such a cheapskate, I would probably buy the all-sports pass just for the football tickets. :D

And did anyone else think that all the fans waving little white towels sort of looked like they were doing the hosanna shout, like at a temple dedication? . . . Okay, maybe that's just me.


Katherine said...

Yay! Someone appreciates us!

The Girl in the Other Room said...

Glad you are appreciated. Don't you like real FOOTBALL? Or soccer for you americans out there. I love soccer. Viva la World Cup! Or whatever it is they say ... lol!

Katherine said...

I liked it when you posted every day.

Just kidding. I know life's crazy. And I'm a hypocrite.

Happy Thanksgiving, by the way. Hope you're enjoying the break from school, the time with your family, and other such wonderful things like making pie--which I know you always do plenty of.