31 October 2006

Farewell, My Friends

So, this is my final blog entry before NaNoWriMo starts. I make no guarantees about the regularity of any blog entries for the next month. I'm going to try to do a "Best Sentence of the Day" thing--which may sprout into "Worst Sentence of the Day" or perhaps "Clunkiest Dialogue of the Day." But even that may fail spectacularly. And in terms of content, the only way you will get any substance is if I get terribly frustrated and need to rant about it. So it may be in your best interests to simply ignore anything I write for the next month. Show up around December 1st for your regularly scheduled programming.

Hey, in all the time you free up from not reading my strange ramblings, maybe you can write your own novel!

Or not.

10 Reasons Why I Am INSANE for Attempting to Write a Novel this Month
10. November is the beginning of holiday season. I'm supposed to be able to spend lots of time goofing off with my family.
9. I have no plot--only a vague sketch of a basis for a fantasy world. Really vague.
8. More importantly, I have no characters. Nope. None.
7. The last time I completed a work of fiction was . . . 6th grade. For reals.
6. And that was completely derivative of Princess Bride.
5. Um, homework. Midterms. Math. Chemistry.
4. Recently, I've actually come to like nonfiction a lot better than fiction. Why in the world am I trying to fight that?
3. The type of novels I usually like involve a lot of preplanning and thought.
2. I've never written any fiction that I actually am proud of. (See #7.)
1. Really, what sane person can write a novel in a month?!?

As my favorite anime says, "she is truly doomed." Wish me luck, people! Donations of novel-friendly food (no stickies or greasies) are accepted.


Katherine said...

I will say only this: good luck.

See you in a month.

The Girl in the Other Room said...

Hey sister, it's not like you're dead! Keep it up and be spiffy! Write that novel. Lift it high! Lift it low! Swing your plot line round and round! Slap it down and doesy doe.

elliespen said...

Hooray for other non-sane people! Best of luck. If you need any encouragement or commiseration, etc., let me know. (Since I've not commented here before, by way of introduction, I'm the wife of Not Too Pensive. Apparently you also went to school with my little sister.)

Well, back to the furious typing. See you at 50,000!

Liz Muir said...

Update: the NaNo-ness is not going well. Silly boys are getting in the way. Far be it from me to complain, but this is certainly Murphy's Law-like timing.

May I ask who your sister is? Feel free to email me.