03 October 2006

A Definition

Vomitous (adj.) is a word used to show disgust at anything overtly romantic, especially the variety of romance found in movies oriented towards single women. This word originated in 2004, when a young BYU co-ed explained that the romance contained in “chick flicks” made her feel like throwing up. Ever since, the term vomitous has been applied to describe many events or objects related to amorous feelings, though the word can be extended to describe the actions or character of a person. The term is usually used in a derogatory manner.

Usage Examples:

“People who watch Sleepless in Seattle disgust me—that movie is so vomitous!”

“Bringing her a dozen red roses would definitely be vomitous, but if that’s your goal, then go ahead.”

“The missionary she’s been writing to for two years just came back. He called her on the phone last night, and now she’s acting all vomitous.”

Vomitious is definitely not appropriate in formal writing or speaking, but can often be used to humorous effect in casual conversation. Caution should be used concerning what situations are appropriate for the use of the term. Use of the word vomitous implies a lack of romance in the life of the speaker, and perhaps jealousy of those who do have a significant other. The word is mostly used by jaded, female BYU students annoyed that they don’t get as many dates as their roommates. Using the term in the presence of others who don’t feel the same disgust for romance will make the speaker’s situation apparent and possibly depress the number of dates even further.


Not Too Pensive said...

And so single, female, BYU slang marches on.

Back in my day, "wretchin'" was all the buzz... now, "vomitous". While both are appropriate, vomitous seems to be a bit more illustrative than I would prefer.

Katherine said...

Liz, is this a 322 assignment?

Liz Muir said...

But of course. I'm all about doubling class assignments as blog posts. :D

DavidK93 said...

It may be that this particular usage, relating to romance, originated in 2004. But in 1987's The Princess Bride, Westley called Prince Humperdink a "miserable, vomitous mass."