17 October 2008


Many people expressed doubts that it could be done in time, but I have yet to go into labor and here it is: the Wild Stripes baby blanket in all its glory!

Doing the hand sewing and embroidery was definitely the most difficult part. Now I know why people (women) invented quilting frames. I'm still unsatisfied with the bagginess of some parts of the backing, but since it's my first time I'm cutting myself a break.
I think the colors go pretty well with the baby bumpers my mom bought. So cute and so not pastel.


Evelyn said...

Liz, this is super cute, and I mean cute in a non-pastel way. I'm excited to see what this little critter is gonna look like!

Tera said...

Love it, love it, love it! Now I cannot wait to meet your little mister.

Lisa Miller said...

I love it!!!! The colors are so bright and vibrant. Kudos to you for doing it by yourself. I'm not that talented or I just haven't tried very hard.