10 October 2008

Publication #2

the current issue of Segullah

Check me out! This essay is available online and it's my favorite of my honors thesis. Plus the editing done by Segullah is awesome.

If you haven't heard of Segullah, it's a Mormon women's literary magazine. How's that for a specialized market? But really, it's a high quality publication; the print edition they sent to me is great. Someone should buy me a subscription for Christmas.

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Michaela Stephens said...

I totally related to your story about your grandpa looping his story in sacrament meeting. I felt the same things, separately, that embarrassment of hearing a loved one looping their story because they don’t remember telling it and the separate incident of a bishop asking someone to end their talk. I was cringing right along with you.

This is the second time I've tried to post, and I wrote more, but it got erased when Blogger failed, so I'll just have to say that your whole essay was excellent. It left a certain holy "I wanna cry" feeling, without being mushy or sentimental.