11 April 2007

Getting to Be More and More Well Known

Wow, I'm feeling famous lately. First my blog starts showing up everywhere (relatively speaking--I guess the bloggernacle isn't that big). Next I get to present at the AML conference. Now I'm in the BYU paper (The Daily Universe) as officially the geekiest Harry Potter fan on campus. If you're at BYU, pick up a paper and turn to page seven to see yours truly in full Harry Potter regalia. :D The article doesn't appear to be online yet, although my Harry Potter interview from last year is.

Ah, geekiness in the springtime. Nothing like it.

Update: The article's online!


Not Too Pensive said...

I read the newspaper article, and the first thought through my mind was, "yeah, I totally knew her before she hit it big. AND had a link to my blog on hers. Boo yow!"

Seriously, congratulations! My wife really ought to be a member of your Facebook group - I don't even want to tell you the lengths we went to in order to get the last book while we were in Chile back in 2005. This year will be easier, thankfully, but the eager waiting is really starting to kick in.

I suppose I should eventually read one of those books...

alishka babushka said...

i saw the article in the newspaper. sweet action for you liz!!! :)