26 March 2007

Posting Angst

After much angst and a busy weekend, I finally made my first post on BCC today. Yay! I was going to do something a little more daring, but perhaps you'll see why I decided not to when I get around to posting my original first post on this blog later instead. It should be sometime later today, unless I'm hindered by school.


onelowerlight said...

Hey, that's cool that you're a writer now for that "great and spacious" blog! Seriously, I do like the stuff that they come out with, though I don't read all of it. How do you become a writer? What are the obligations? Is it something that you can just take a school paper, rearrange it a little bit, and put it up as a post?

Liz Muir said...

Actually, I got a random email from them one day asking me to guest blog. So I'm not sure how you would go about doing it on purpose.

onelowerlight said...

Crazy! So are you a regular writer now, or did they just ask for one or two articles?