28 July 2006

Book Math and Some Macs

While I was walking home from campus yesterday, I was thinking about my reading habits, namely, how long it takes me to pick up a book and once I have it how long it takes me to finish it. Without further ado, I present to you some really ridiculously made up math. (Rachel would cry.)

T(x) is a function where x represents time and T represents my relative progress in the book. Thus, the x intercept of T(x) is the point where I first pick up the book.
I=general interest in the book. For Harry Potter books, I approaches infinity. :D
N=number of books currently reading. I hate starting a new book when I am in the middle of other books. Right now, I think I am at a record high of 5 books. I prefer reading books one at a time rather than in packs.
R=recommendation index of person recommending book = I(1)E(1)^2+I(2)E(2)^2+...+I(i)E(i)^2-abs(D)
I(i)=interest level of past books recommended
E(i)=actual enjoyment of past books recommended
D=perceived relative intelligence of recommender (In abs() because I tend to resent recommendations from people who I perceive as superior and ignore recommendations from people less intelligent. Sad that this is a factor, but it's true. However, the importance of this factor diminishes as we add books to the equation. :D)
b=stress factor=m+s
m=messiness of apartment
s=school work load
t=time it takes me to get to the local library or bookstore

It almost works, if I could figure out some realistic units.

*headdesk* I am such a geek.

If only to prove the point, I now present my collection of Mac switch ad parodies. I have no idea why I like these so much, but they are hillarious. For your own safety, do not drink any milk while watching the following videos.
The Original Ad
Editting Switch - Language Warning
Han Solo
Mac Gamer?
Oh! Baby Mac

Bonus for anyone who has ever used Flash.


Not Too Pensive said...

Uh... so... you're an English major?

I doubt it. Too much math! Remember, math is evil!

Liz Muir said...

Dude, didn't you know? I am double majoring in both English and Chemistry. I do it all. :D In fact, English isn't even my declared major at the moment.

Math is fun! Embrace the math!

Not Too Pensive said...

Surely there must be an anti-math quote somewhere in Shakespeare...

Geez. Chemistry and English. Granted, I could practically pick up a linguistics major with a few extra classes, but that's a lot o' work.