17 March 2006

Time is Relative; Relativity is Confusing; ergo, Time is Confusing

Ah, so much to write about, so little time to do it in. So let's cut to the chase. First, I got an extremely humorous reply to my BYUSA rant from Mike and Caleb:


Thank you for your email. It is unfortunate that you don't take the time to see what BYUSA actually does. It has been my experience that anyone who has actually taken the time to be involved in it has been changed by it. I know that for me it has been a phenomenal addition to my BYU experience and one for which I will always be grateful. The opportunity to serve and the people with whom I have served have made me a better person in so many ways and, I hope, have helped to make this campus a better place to be.

Mike Maughan
Dude, he totally missed the whole point. :D Being changed as a person by BYUSA is great and all, but that doesn't make it into anything more than a self-improvment organization. I see exactly what BYUSA does, and what it does is not a student government. I see no point to BYUSA Presidents running on a student government-like platform when what they are actually going to do has nothing to do with that. Service is great, and an important part of campus in its own way, but that way is not a student government kind of way. And I don't think we should be disguising BYUSA as something it is not. But anyway, I'm glad these peoples didn't win. I like the other guy's colors better.

But moving on, this week was a week of wonderful holidays. First, we have Pi Day! That'd be 3.14, or March 14 to those who aren't math inclined. We had a Pi/Pie Party (on 3.14 at apt 15 at 9:26 pm (get it? 3.1415926?)), ate 3.14 pies (yes, really), and sang happy birthday to Albert Eistein. It was frankly amazing. Then today was St. Paddy's Day, always a classic holiday in my family, not because we're Irish, but because it's when my parents got married. Aw.

Um, third, here's a random Harry Potter related dramatic monologue I wrote for my British Lit class. Don't worry, we're only graded on participation, but I thought it was funny, and I need to include more Harry Potter on my blog anyway. So, see if you can guess the character and the scene (bonus points for chapter number).

Secretive Riddle

I won’t go! I absolutely refuse!

This place, it’s the only thing I have to lose.

She’s sent you to take me away, that git.

Professor, you call yourself? I doubt it.

I know she doesn’t like me, that Mrs. Cole,

Who’s kept me in this orphanage since I was small.

I’m sure she’s told you her little rant.

But she can’t prove a thing, I know she can’t,

I’ve made sure. You can ask them, they’ll tell you.

Amy Benson, Dennis Bishop. Even Billy Stubbs too.

He’ll swear I had nothing to do with his pet rabbit

Swinging back and forth in lazy orbit

Over his bed that summer Sunday morning.

He was quite shook up (despite my warning).

We played in the cave, Amy, Dennis, and I, nothing worse,

There’s not connection to why they scream for the nurse.

I have done nothing but teach this throng,

No more than get the respect that to me should belong.

So I won’t let you take me to your school diverse.

What? You say that this is magic, not a curse?

Yes, the rhyming is quite terrible, but I still enjoy it. This is one of my favorite scenes from HBP. :D

Oh, about the title: today in Physics we learned about relativity. The universe is just messed up.

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