05 November 2008

Baby by Numbers: Late Edition

  • {3, 4, 5} - days overdue I am, depending on if you calculate from the first due date we were told (Oct. 31), the due date on file at the OB (Nov. 1), or the date they gave us at the ultrasound (Nov. 2).
  • ? - number of contractions I've felt. Every visit the OB asks me if I've felt any contractions and I say, "I dunno." Because really, it's difficult to tell the difference between your stomach tightening because your silly baby is using you as a punching bag or your lunch is thinking about making a return appearance; and your stomach tightening because it's practicing for when it has to get a baby out. I have nonetheless been reassured by everyone that when I'm in labor, I'll know it. Duh.
  • 0% - how much I like being overdue. Courtney was right when she posted the following on my facebook wall: "My sister once described being overdue as every day being your birthday, but no one remembering. I thought that described it pretty well." Amen and amen. The reason it sucks the most is that there is nothing I can do about it, and each day that goes by has a handy way of transforming the excitement we had about the birth of our son into frustration and annoyance. Don't worry; we'll still love him. I just spend a lot more time telling my baby to hurry it up.
  • 2 - number of weeks I've been totally finished with my projects-to-do-before-baby list. I am somewhat bored out of my mind, but I don't want to start anything because I know it'll be left half-done for months if baby comes. My mother-in-law claims that the baby won't come until I'm half-way through a project though, so . . .
  • 2 - number of hats I've knitted in that time period, and . . .
  • 452 - number of stitches per row in the very masculine scarf I'm making for my soon-to-be missionary brother-in-law. Come on baby, you know you want to interrupt that.
  • 7 - days before election day that I voted because baby was supposed to be here by now. Though I eventually decided to vote for McCain, it was a hard choice. Not for good reasons though. I really didn't feel like either candidate was someone I wanted to lead the country, but oh well. I'm excited for Obama and hope that his actions can catch up with his amazing grasp of rhetoric. But they probably won't because, as George pointed out, "No matter who wins, the country is still being run by politicians." On the other hand, good rhetoric means people won't care as much that they aren't getting what they were promised, so maybe that's not so bad.
  • 3rd - man named George Edward Busby that our baby will be. Yup, after all that deliberation, we've come back to the easiest choice as the most likely one (ever since George bailed out on Luke for no apparent reason). George would probably like me to make it clear that the baby is being named after his grandfather and not him. Whatever. I'm kinda disappointed with the un-creativity of the name--I feel kinda gyped out of the chance to name my own baby. At least I can hold this over George's head and name the next boy Luke Tennyson. Ha ha.
Well, that's pretty much all. Hopefully the next post will have baby pictures rather than more griping.

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Courtney said...

That is exactly why I didn't do anything to prepare for Bria before she was done-- I didn't want to end up finished with everything and then be bored out of my mind. It wasn't so smart though, considering I moved the day after we came home from the hospital and we weren't packed . . . I applaud your preparation, even though you feel bored because of it. Good luck!