30 August 2008


Every night for the past week, my dreams have ended with me having to kill someone. Not in a war or anything. Usually some serial killer or burglar who I know will kill everyone else if I don't handle them first. Often, they've killed off people I know right before. I have no weapons, so I usually end up strangling them, bashing their head on something, or drowning them (most recently). It's slow and scary and methodical and drawn out. Often times I half wake-up but force the dream to continue because I know it's so important for them to be gone and I need closure.

I don't think we need an expert in dream interpretation to say that this is a little disturbing. Thoughts on what this could mean about my psyche?


Joni said...

It's not you, it's baby Busby. He's turned you into a Horcrux and now you're interpreting all of his thoughts as though they were yours. So DON'T GO TO THE MINISTRY.

. . . sorry. Too much sugar.

Paradox said...
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Paradox said...

That's funny.

Actually, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Freud was pretty much bonkers, so try not to give him any undue merit as far as there being any deeper significance to your dreams.

From what I've learned in psychology, there are tons of theories that try to explain dreams but none of them are exactly provable. The one that made the most sense to me is that your brain basically entertains itself by firing off lots of hormones when you're sleeping to give itself something to do. Sometimes it picks up anxieties you might already be in the process of committing to long term memory, or with hormones you've already been using during waking hours. And with being pregnant, the hormones that it's sending are probaby going way more bonkers than usual. So whatever hormones make mothers uber protective is probably squirting around in excess in your brian right now.

So yeah. Not as cool as a horcrux, but definitely nothing to worry about.

Marisa VanSkiver said...

I was going to say it's little Draco (still say you should go with that name) and your resentment to the pain he causes. After all, you and George have called him a parasite during your pregnancy. Haha.

Allison said...

Hey Liz! It's Allison K. from the Writing Center...back when we both worked there ;) Just wanted to wish you luck with these last few weeks before the baby comes. You are a tough girl! You can do it! I'm excited to see how beautiful he will be :)

Michaela Stephens said...

I’ve found that when I have especially vivid dreams that I remember for longer than the first five minutes after I wake up that there is usually some sort of message from Heavenly Father that I need to know. The messages are often cloaked in symbol, but I find that I often know everything needed to interpret them.

So I would say to you that you probably have all the mental tools to interpret your own dream, but maybe I’ll ask you some questions and hopefully that will get you thinking.

Is there any particular spiritual issue that you are dealing with in your family? Is there some evil influence that is intruding that could kill the relationship with your husband or your other family members? This is what is suggested to me by the terms you use of “serial killer or burglar”.

It seems that there are several methods of dealing with it as depicted in your dreams. You could strangle it by withholding whatever conditions allow it to exist. You could “bash it over the head” by putting your foot down immediately and not allowing it any more. Or you could drown it by immersing your life in positive, sunny influences as much as possible.

It is a very telling fact that you must deal with whatever it is immediately, since you know in your dream that the same issue has caused the demise of others and will continue the same on more people if it is not dealt with immediately.

I hope this may be helpful to you.

Tera said...

I totally think this is a nesting thing. I always had recurring dream themes specific to each child and the things I worried about most. My interpretation: You will need to protect your newest addition. This is mom's #1 job. You are just getting practice in your sleep. :) I don't discount dreams that recur in theme. Better that you are the heroine in your dreams rather than a victim. Of course, you are an empowered woman. You'll never be the victim in your dreams.