16 May 2008

A Landmark

Yesterday was a landmark day in the history of my pregnancy. I was walking through downtown Seattle by the Space Needle with Julie and her 6 month-old baby, Abby. Some lady noticed Abby--there are very few babies in Seattle--and said, "Oh, what a cute baby! How old is she?" Then she looked at me and said, "And it looks like you're expecting too."

A risky statement I probably wouldn't have made as a by-stander, but nonetheless, yay!

Granted, the shirt I was wearing exaggerates the size of my belly, but nonetheless, yay!


Tera said...

I am so excited for you and your pregnancy. I hope you are feeling well. How far along are you now? I could do the math but I'm enjoying being a slug far too much. I hope the Seattle weather is great for you and George. I've heard it is absolutely beautiful there when it is not raining....

Joni said...

So. . . I just noticed the ratio of posts to your blog in the last three years. You've been slacking :P. I want to know more about your adventures so SAY SOMETHING!

I miss you.