31 March 2008

In Which I Have an Announcement to Make

Or rather several. This blog has fallen severely behind on my personal life. Don't worry; classes will be over in 2.5 weeks and then I am done with my undergrad, leaving much more time for the important things in life, like blogging.

On to business, from least important to most:

  • I'm playing a very interesting ARG (alternate reality game) in connection with the upcoming summer olympics entitled "The Lost Ring," which is about the suppression of a secret olympic sport and the synchronization of alternate universes. If you're interested in conspiracy theories, weird quantum science fiction, or translating stuff from Esperanto, you should check out the wiki and get involved. If I can find ten other people in the area, maybe we can try playing the lost sport of the olympics--labyrinth running!
  • Our car got squashed on St. Patrick's day, all because we decided to get pizza instead of cooking. After picking up the food, George parked in a really nice spot near our complex's parking lot entrance, which is usually great, except that someone in a blasted U-Hall didn't notice the 6' height clearance bar. They plowed into it and knocked one of the supporting beams down on the hood of our car. Of all the lameness! The car still runs, but we'd like to be able to open up the hood again, especially since our car eats oil and needs a refill every few weeks. Alas, it could take a while to be repaired since no one's insurance wants to take responsibility for the accident . . . .
  • I won first place in the Vera Hinckley Mayhew essay contest! The winners aren't up on the website yet, but I thought I'd link that in case anyone cared to find out more (especially you future BYU students). First place is $300, which marks the first time I've been paid for writing since 8th grade when a poem I wrote was in the top ten in some Rocky Mountain youth poetry contest--I got $50 dollars. I guess that means that a high school and (almost) college diploma have earned me a 600% pay increase?
  • A shortened version of the essay that won said contest is being published in Segullah this summer, so keep an eye out for it. I've also got a book notice coming out in the Journal of Mormon History, but that won't have a byline, so it's not as exciting.
  • [UPDATE:] I also won third place in the David O. McKay essay contest. Which makes me a runner-up to the most awesome writer I know: Brooke Larson. Plus publication and money. Am I bragging? Well, I won't put a dollar amount, mostly since I can't find it online anywhere and I haven't gotten an official letter from them yet. :D
  • I'm having a baby! I'm 9.5 weeks along now, which means that the baby is due on Halloween-ish. I'm really deadly sick right now, which is making it difficult to finish up classwork, but supposedly most morning sickness goes away around week 12-14. I can only pray.


Marisa VanSkiver said...

Which essay is it that won? You should let me read it!

Liz Busby said...

"On Loss and Remembrance" is the essay that won the Mayhew. You can check it out from the library in a month or two when my Honors thesis will be cataloged. Or read it in Segullah this summer. (They publish everything online.) Or I could stop being lazy and email you a copy.


Courtney said...

Congratulations on so many levels! I look forward to reading your essay.

And yes, look forward to the second trimester. It is SO much better than the first.

PinkyLunt said...
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PinkyLunt said...

K so I didn't read the first bit... about the level and importance. I was like what the heck? but That makes sense now!

I hope you get over your morning sickness, I really do. But the hormones are strong which is really good. Here are some things to try:
-Before you even sit up in the morning eat a saltine cracker and have a little drink of water. That one didn't really work for me... But it might help you!
-Eat an Altoid mint before you sit up in the morning.

Neither one really helped me come to think of it.... But supposedly it helps some people.... So I don't know. I guess it's worth a shot.

I'm so excited for you have a baby Lizzy!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the baby. Everything else you do will pale in comparrison. I'm excited for you.

Janet Walgren