16 December 2006

Random Notes

Yay for snow! That was pretty much the only thing that got me up for OChem this morning: the chance to be out in the snow before anyone else. :D

After taking my final and working in the WC for a few hours, I went over to hang out with Harold (the library, of course.) I was doing research for my paper on Mormon rhetoric in special collections, when suddenly I look up at the clock and it's 6 pm! I spent 5 hours in the HBLL without realizing it. How did that happen? I was supposed to go see a movie with Marisa at 4:45 . . . . Ah well. It is a happy day when what I'm reading on the microfilm is more exciting than a movie. Or maybe that's a bad thing.

So, apparently, intramural Quidditch is catching on at college campuses on the east coast. (If you're a BYU student, you can get the full article on ProQuest.) Anyone want to start a BYU squad? This could be awesome.

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The Girl in the Other Room said...

Hoorah for snow. We got a ton and so did you I believe. When are you comning home for Christmas?!?! I want to have you help me string popcorn and such! Oh and make glass candy. And cookies ... and possibly a figgy pudding. Do you even like cooking? I want to cook all the time during the holidays.

Oh and I dyed my hair.