29 April 2006

Ginny Weasley Hat . . . Sort of

So, I finished this hat Easter Weekend, but I didn't blog about it because I wanted to wait until this week when I finally got a camera phone! Yea! You can expect to see a lot more pictures of knitting projects . . . and probably just pictures in general. The quality's not too bad, for a phone. :D

Anyway, this is my interpretation of the Ginny Weasley Hat. I know, I know, it's supposed to be orange. But I don't own anything orange, so I decided to just do it in a nice brown. The hat was fairly easy to make, though I had to adjust the pattern a bit as I went along. Since the original pattern is fairly confusing and incomplete (at least I think so), here's my pattern:

Ginny Weasley Orange Hat

US size 8 needles (circular for Magic Loop method, or double pointed)
MC: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted Weight [36% acrylic, 10% wool, 4% rayon] or other suitable yarn for gauge. I used color #127 (Mink Brown), but if you want authenticness, you should find some very orange color.
CC: Oxford Italian Fashion [60% acrylic, 20% new wool, 20% alpaca] #701 or other suitable rainbow, varigated, chunky yarn.

13 sts/24 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stich (knit in the round)

Using MC, CO 60 sts. If using magic loop method, divide in half. If using double pointed needles, distribute evenly across needles. Use a cast-on method that will leave purl bumps on the right side of the hat. I used the knitting on method.
Join the cast-on row, being careful not to twist.
Row 1: K all sts.
Row 2: P all sts.
Rows 3-7: K all sts.
Row 8: [YO, K3] until end.
Row 9: [k2tog, K2] until end.
Rows 10-13: K all sts.
Row 14: P all sts.
Row 15: K all sts.
Row 16: P all sts.
Repeat rows 3-16.
Row 30: K all sts.
Row 31: [k7, k2tog] 6 times, k6.
Row 32: [k6, k2tog] 6 times, k6.
Row 33: [k5, k2tog] 6 times, k6.
Row 34: K all sts.
Row 35: [YO, k3] until end.
Row 36: [k2tog, k2] until end.
Row 37: [k4, k2tog] until end.
Row 38: [k3, k2tog] until end.
Row 39: [k2, k2tog] until end.
Row 40: K all sts.
Row 41: P all sts.
Row 42: K all sts.
Row 43: P all sts.
Row 44: [k1, k2tog] until end. (14 sts left)
Row 45: [k2tog] until end. (7 sts left)

Cut yarn and gather through remaining sts. Secure end.

Use lengths of CC to thread through each set of eyelet holes. The original hat looks like it uses a double strand, but single strand looks nice too. Tie bows where ends meet.

Yea! My first pattern! Tell me it's not too horrible.

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